Career Coaching

Are you seeking career advancement or feeling stuck professionally?
Do you want to know what career path to take?
Scared of becoming stuck in a dead-end job?


Welcome to Career Coaching with Thomas Joseph Dignam. My approach combines traditional career advancement strategies with deep self-identity exploration, ensuring clients thrive in any professional setting. By focusing on the interconnection between self-awareness and career success, I guide you to overcome challenges like burnout, self-doubt, and career-limiting beliefs. Utilising NLP & industry techniques, alongside holistic therapies, and innovative practices, I offer personalised strategies to boost your career, leadership skills, and work-life balance.

Common Challenges Addressed

Career Advancement

1.1. Goal Setting: Advanced techniques for setting realistic, challenging career goals.
1.2. Skill Development: Identifying and enhancing key skills for career progression.
1.3. Networking Strategies: Effective networking methods for career growth.

Leadership Skills

1.4. Effective Communication: Developing superior communication skills for leadership roles.
1.5. Team Building: Strategies for creating and nurturing high-performing teams.
1.6. Decision Making: Enhancing decision-making skills in complex professional environments.

Professional Confidence

1.7. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Techniques to build genuine self-confidence and combat imposter syndrome.
1.8. Public Speaking: Mastering public speaking and presentation skills.

Work-Life Balance

1.9. Boundary Setting: Establishing and maintaining healthy work-life boundaries.
1.10. Time Management: Advanced time management strategies for optimum productivity.
1.11. Stress Management: Effective methods for managing and reducing work-related stress.

Adaptability and Change Management

1.12. Embracing Change: Cultivating a positive attitude towards change and adaptability.
1.13. Innovation and Creativity: Encouraging creative thinking in the workplace.

Career Transitions

1.14. Navigating Career Changes: Tailored guidance for smooth career transitions.
1.15. Personal Branding: Developing a strong, authentic professional brand.


1.16. Starting a Business: Essential skills and knowledge for new entrepreneurs.
1.17. Risk Management: Strategies for identifying and managing business risks.

Services I offer

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1-2-1 Personalised Video Coaching

£75 per hour.

Customised sessions focusing on individual needs and goals.
Utilises a blend of NLP, holistic coaching techniques, and alternative practices.

'Career Identity Bootcamp' Program

Available in 3, 6, or 9-month packages.
Intensive focus on comprehensive career growth and self-discovery.
Personalised and tailored to specific career needs.

Professional Development Workshops

Interactive group sessions on career development themes, leadership skills, and effective workplace strategies.

Discover your path to professional excellence

Embark on a transformative career journey with personalised guidance and support. Whether you're navigating complex workplace dynamics or seeking to enrich your professional skillset, my Career Coaching is designed to offer you the insights, tools, and support needed for career success.

Begin your journey of career transformation with me. From enhancing leadership skills to mastering work-life balance, my Career Coaching provides the necessary insights, strategies, and support for a successful and fulfilling professional life.

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