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Are you struggling to find or maintain love?
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Welcome to Love Coaching with Thomas Joseph Dignam. My approach centres around enhancing relationships through improved communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence. I assist individuals and couples in navigating love's complexities, from deepening emotional connections to resolving conflicts constructively.

Using NLP & other industry techniques, alongside, holistic therapies, and alternative practices, I help you understand different love languages, build trust, and cultivate vulnerability. Whether you're healing from past relationships or seeking sustainable love practices, my coaching offers personalised strategies for a thriving inter/intrapersonal love life.

Common Challenges Addressed

Building Trust

1.1. Foundations of Trust: Developing and maintaining trust in relationships.
1.2. Rebuilding Trust: Strategies for repairing trust after breaches.

Effective Communication

1.3. Active Listening: Enhancing active listening skills for better understanding in relationships.
1.4. Expressing Needs and Feelings: Encouraging open communication of emotions and needs.

Understanding Relationship Dynamics

1.5. Patterns and Behaviours: Identifying and addressing relationship patterns.
1.6. Managing Expectations: Setting and managing realistic expectations in a relationship.

Conflict Resolution

1.7. Healthy Conflict Management: Techniques for constructive conflict resolution.
1.8. Avoiding Toxic Behaviours: Recognising and avoiding destructive relationship patterns.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

1.9. Developing Empathy: Building empathy and emotional understanding in relationships.
1.10. Emotional Responsiveness: Enhancing emotional presence and responsiveness.

Intimacy and Connection

1.11. Deepening Intimacy: Strategies for cultivating deeper intimacy in relationships.
1.12. Maintaining Connection: Maintaining a strong connection over time.

Personal Boundaries

1.13. Setting Boundaries: Understanding and establishing personal boundaries.
1.14. Respecting Boundaries: Learning to respect and honour others' boundaries.

Navigating Relationship Changes

1.15. Transitional Phases: Managing different phases of a relationship.
1.16. Ending Relationships: Recognising when and how to end a relationship healthily.

Self-Development in Relationships

1.17. Personal Growth: Encouraging personal development within relationships.
1.18. Independence and Interdependence: Balancing individuality and partnership.

Healing and Growth

1.19. Healing from Past Relationships: Overcome past traumas and build a healthier, happier future.
1.20. Self-Love and Relationship: Understanding the importance of self-love in fostering a fulfilling relationship.

Services I offer

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1-2-1 Personalised Coaching

£75 per hour.

Customised sessions focusing on individual needs and goals.
Utilises a blend of NLP, holistic coaching techniques, and alternative practices.

'Love Identity Bootcamp' Program

Available in 3, 6, or 9-month packages.
Intensive - Comprehensive personal growth and self-discovery focus, to uncover and embrace authentic self-identity.
Personalised and Tailored to your specific needs.

Workshops and Seminars

Group sessions focusing on common relationship themes and strategies for stronger partnerships.

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Embark on a journey of love and discovery

Embark on a journey of love and discovery with me. Whether you're facing relationship hurdles or seeking to enrich your connection, my Love Coaching is designed to offer you the insights, tools, and support needed for a fulfilling love life.

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