The Triple A Model

A Framework for Self-Identity and Awareness

This model, which stands on the pillars of Accountability, Authenticity, and Authority, is designed to guide our clients towards achieving self-identity and awareness. Here's a detailed representation of this model:

Each stage of this model builds upon the previous one, with the end goal of helping my clients align their decisions with their core values and aspirations, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life. This model also integrates scientific insights and philosophical wisdom, emphasising the importance of self-awareness in mental health, relationships, and career success.



Emphasising personal responsibility for actions and decisions.


Foundation: It's the starting point of my coaching model. Here, I emphasise personal accountability as a crucial step towards self-awareness.


Self-Reflection: Encouraging clients to reflect on their actions and their consequences.


Ownership: Guiding clients to take ownership of their life choices.


Goal Setting: Assisting clients in setting realistic and personal goals.



Fostering a genuine self-expression and embracing one's true identity.


Core: Authenticity lies at the heart of my philosophy. This stage is about embracing and uncovering one's true self.

Self-Discovery: Helping clients uncover their authentic selves.

Acceptance: Encouraging acceptance of one's strengths and weaknesses.

Expression: Guiding clients to express their true selves in various life facets.



Empowering clients to gain control and confidence over their life choices and beliefs.


Culmination: The final stage involves cultivating a sense of personal authority, empowering clients to take control of their life choices and beliefs.

Confidence Building: Strengthening self-belief and decision-making skills.

Empowerment: Enabling clients to assert their authority in personal and professional spheres.

Leadership: Cultivating leadership qualities based on self-awareness.

Integration: Self-Identity and Awareness


The three A's (Accountability, Authenticity, Authority) are interconnected steps towards achieving self-identity and awareness. Each element builds upon the previous one, leading to a holistic understanding of oneself.


The culmination of mastering these three aspects results in a deep sense of self-identity and heightened self-awareness, leading to personal and professional fulfilment.

Benefits of The Triple A Model

Enhanced Self-Awarenes

Clients develop a deeper understanding of their personal values, beliefs, and behaviours.

This awareness allows for more mindful decision-making and better alignment with one's true self.

Improved Accountability

By learning to take responsibility for their actions, clients improve their personal and professional relationships.

This leads to a more disciplined approach to goal setting and achievement.

Authentic Living

Clients learn to embrace their true selves, leading to greater authenticity in their interactions and choices.

This authenticity fosters genuine relationships and a more fulfilling personal life.

Increased Authority and Confidence

Clients develop the confidence to assert themselves in various life situations.

This empowerment enhances leadership skills and decision-making abilities.

Better Goal Achievement

With a clearer understanding of self, clients can set and achieve goals that are more aligned with their authentic selves.

This leads to greater satisfaction and success in both personal and professional endeavours.

Improved Emotional Intelligence

The model fosters emotional understanding and regulation, essential for personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

Holistic Personal and Professional Development

The model addresses various aspects of life, leading to a well-rounded and balanced approach to personal and professional growth.

Potential Issues Resolved

By addressing these areas, The Triple A Model not only enhances the overall well-being of my clients but also equips them with the tools to navigate various life challenges more effectively.

Lack of Direction

Clients who feel lost or unsure about their life's direction can find clarity and purpose.

Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

The model helps in building self-esteem and confidence by empowering clients to recognise and harness their strengths.

Difficulty in Making Decisions

Enhanced self-awareness and confidence assist in making more informed and assertive decisions.

Problems with Personal Accountability

Clients learn to take responsibility for their actions, which can resolve issues related to blame and denial.

Challenges in Authentic Expression

The model helps individuals who struggle to express their true selves, whether in personal relationships or professional settings.

Leadership and Authority Issues

Those struggling with leadership roles can develop the necessary skills and mindset to lead effectively.

Career Dissatisfaction

Clients can align their professional paths with their authentic selves, leading to more fulfilling career choices.


Empathetic Listening:

Understanding clients' unique experiences and perspectives.

Insightful Questioning:

Challenging clients to delve deeper into their thoughts and motivations.

Evidence-Based Strategies:

Utilising scientifically supported techniques to enhance the coaching process.

Advanced Methodology for The Triple A Model

By integrating these diverse methodologies into my Triple, A Model, I offer a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to coaching that addresses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of my clients' lives. This holistic approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of my coaching practice, leading to deeper transformations and more sustainable outcomes for my clients.

Advanced Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Enhancing personal development and goal achievement; effective across all stages, with a strong impact on Accountability.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Utilised to access the subconscious mind, helping clients overcome deep-seated beliefs and behaviours.

Especially effective in the Accountability stage for uncovering underlying motivations.


Exploring unconscious processes and how they shape current behaviour.

Useful in the Authenticity stage to understand and resolve internal conflicts.


A broad range of techniques for dealing with mental health issues, facilitating personal development.

Can be applied throughout the model to support emotional well-being and self-discovery.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Emphasises accepting what is out of personal control and committing to action that improves and enriches life.

Integrates well with the Authority stage, empowering clients to take charge of their actions.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

A form of counselling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine.

Useful in managing emotional aspects in each stage, especially in overcoming personal blocks and stress.

Somatic Practices

Focuses on the connection between the mind and body, promoting holistic wellness.

Can be incorporated into the Authenticity stage to enhance self-awareness and embodiment.

Spiritual Techniques

Involves practices that nurture a sense of connection to something bigger than oneself.

These can be infused in all stages, especially Authority, to foster a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

Aspects of Tantra

Explores the deep connection between the spiritual and physical realms.

Can be integrated into Authenticity and Authority stages to enhance personal relationships and self-understanding.

Psychosexual Modalities

Addressing sexual behaviours, beliefs, and dysfunctions through therapeutic techniques.

Useful in the Authenticity stage for clients to embrace all aspects of their identity, including sexual health and wellness.

Spirituality & Taoism

Balancing and harmonising techniques; applicable throughout, especially in the Authenticity and Authority stages.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Stress reduction and present-moment awareness; valuable across all stages, particularly in Authenticity.

Wim Hof Method

Building resilience through breathing and cold exposure; especially useful in enhancing Accountability and Authority.

Empowerment Alchemy, Shadow Work, & Inner Child Healing

Personal empowerment and addressing deep emotional issues; vital in the Authenticity and Accountability stages.

Relationship Psychology

Improving interpersonal dynamics; significant in the Authenticity stage.

Nature Therapy & Ecotherapy

Utilising nature for mental and emotional well-being; beneficial in Authenticity and can be incorporated in other stages for holistic healing.


This model aligns with my coaching philosophy, integrating my beliefs and methodologies into a structured approach. It's designed to guide my clients through a transformative journey, leading them to a deeper understanding of themselves and unlocking their full potential in various life aspects.

Personalised Approach:

Tailoring these techniques to individual client needs and circumstances.

Therapeutic Alliance:

Building a strong, trust-based relationship between coach and client, essential for effective therapy.


Regularly assessing progress and adapting strategies to maximise client growth and satisfaction.

Personal Growth:

Assisting clients in personal development and self-improvement.

Professional Advancement:

Guiding clients towards achieving their career goals.

Holistic Success:

Focusing on all areas of life for a well-rounded and fulfilling experience.