Sex Coaching

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your sexuality and desires?
Do you wish to explore the euphoria of sexual expression and alternative lifestyles?
Are you ashamed with your sexual organs and sex life?


Embark on a transformative journey in Sex Coaching. Blending over ten years of expertise in kink, fetish, BDSM, and the adult entertainment industry with a holistic approach to self-identity and awareness, my coaching offers a unique and comprehensive exploration of sexual well-being and fulfilment. As both a holistic coach and a kink allied, sex positive Counsellor and Mentor, I provide a safe, informed space for navigating diverse sexual expressions. My coaching is about more than just exploring your sexuality; it's about integrating your sexual journey with your overall journey of self-discovery, ensuring that every aspect of your identity is embraced and celebrated.

Whether you're delving into the world of kink and fetish or seeking to deepen intimacy and connection in your sexual relationships, my coaching is rooted in respect, empowerment, and informed consent, helping you explore and embrace your sexual identity in a fulfilling and respectful manner.

Common Challenges Addressed

Communication in Sexual Relationships

2.1. Open Dialogue: Fostering open and honest communication about sexual desires and boundaries.
2.2. Understanding Needs: Techniques for understanding and articulating sexual needs and desires.

Building Sexual Confidence

2.3. Self-Acceptance: Promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.
2.4. Overcoming Insecurities: Addressing and overcoming common sexual insecurities.

Consent and Boundaries

2.5. Understanding Consent: Emphasising the importance of consent in sexual relationships.
2.6. Setting Boundaries: Techniques for setting and respecting sexual boundaries.

Exploring Sexuality

2.7. Self-Discovery: Guiding clients in exploring and understanding their sexuality.
2.8. Healthy Exploration: Approaches for safe and fulfilling sexual exploration.

Intimacy and Connection

2.9. Emotional Intimacy: Building deeper emotional connections in sexual relationships.
2.10. Physical Intimacy: Understanding the role of physical closeness in sexual relationships.

Addressing Sexual Challenges

2.11. Overcoming Difficulties: Strategies for addressing common sexual challenges.
2.12. Seeking Professional Help: Guidance on when and how to seek professional advice for complex sexual issues.

Safe Sexual Practices

2.13. Health and Safety: Educating on safe sex practices and sexual health.
2.14. Navigating Sexual Health Conversations: Techniques for discussing sexual health openly and constructively.

Exploring Alternative Practices and Lifestyles

2.15. Alternative Sexual Exploration: Encouraging the exploration of alternative sexual practices and lifestyles, helping clients to understand and embrace their unique sexual identities.
2.16. Breaking Societal Norms: Guiding clients in safely challenging and breaking societal norms around sexuality, fostering a sense of liberation and authenticity.

Safely Pushing Boundaries and Breaking Norms

2.17. Boundary Exploration: Creating a safe space for clients to explore and push their sexual boundaries in a respectful and consensual manner.
2.18. Embracing Unconventional Desires: Supporting clients in embracing and exploring their unconventional sexual desires, helping them to break free from societal expectations and find personal fulfilment.

Services I offer

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1-2-1 Personalised Coaching

In-Person and Online - £75 per hour for tailored sessions addressing individual sexual exploration needs.
A blend of conventional and unconventional coaching techniques.

'Sexual Discovery Bootcamp' Program

Available in 3, 6, or 9-month packages for an intensive focus on sexual self-discovery.
Personalised and tailored to explore and embrace your unique sexual identity.

Workshops and Seminars

Group sessions focusing on sexual health, exploration, and understanding diverse sexual practices.

Orgasm Meditation Guidance

Specialised sessions in orgasm meditation, focusing on enhancing sexual awareness, healing, and deepening intimacy.

Tantra Tutoring

Personalised tutoring in the principles and practices of Tantra, aiming to strengthen emotional and spiritual connections in sexual experiences.

Book your free consultation to discuss options and prices, for each service option please, apart from 1-to-1, which should just be book for your free consultation.

Discover your Sexual Essence

Embark on a journey of sexual discovery and empowerment with personalised guidance and support. My Sex Coaching offers a unique, informed perspective, providing you with the tools and understanding needed for a fulfilling sexual life.


Begin your journey of sexual exploration and self-discovery with me. From understanding your desires to navigating alternative lifestyles, my Sex Coaching provides the necessary insights, support, and safe space for a satisfying and enriched sexual experience.

Ready to explore and embrace your sexuality?

Book a session and start your journey towards sexual fulfilment and empowerment.