Life Coaching

Have you ever wondered “Who am I?”
Forever asking yourself, “What’s my purpose?”
Do you constantly tell yourself “I’m not good enough?”
Then speculate no more, I can help YOU!


Welcome to Life Coaching with Thomas Joseph Dignam, where the journey of self-discovery and finding your true purpose is at the heart of my approach. Using a blend of holistic support and conventional techniques like NLP, this transformative path focuses on guiding you to achieve a balanced lifestyle, enhanced self-awareness, and resilience. As we navigate together, embraced you'll gain authority in your decisions, overcome obstacles, seize life's opportunities, and live authentically. Discovering your true self eliminates self-doubt and brings clarity to your life choices, fostering active growth. I’m committed to guiding you through this transformative process, aligning with your true identity and values for a life of peace, fulfilment, and authenticity.

Coaching with me delves deeper than traditional measures, whilst learning to align your actions and decisions with your true identity, this path to self-awareness, not only teaches one to handle adversity but opens doors to new possibilities, ensuring personal growth and genuine life satisfaction. The process, while challenging, is designed to be manageable and rewarding, with guidance every step of the way. This journey is about embracing your true self, leading to a life filled with peace, fulfilment, and authenticity.

Embracing and understanding your true self is key to a fulfilling life, free of self-doubt. My commitment is to guide you through every step, ensuring a transformation aligned with your true identity, culminating in a life of peace, fulfilment, and authenticity.

Common Challenges Addressed

Personal Fulfilment

1.1. Discovering Passions: Assisting clients in identifying and pursuing their passions.

1.2. Life Purpose: Guiding clients to find and connect with their life's purpose.

Life Balance

1.3. Harmonising Life Aspects: Creating a balanced approach to various life areas.
1.4. Prioritising Self-Care: Stressing the importance of self-care for overall well-being.

Stress and Resilience

1.5. Stress Management: Effective stress management techniques for everyday life.
1.6. Building Resilience: Developing resilience to handle life's challenges.

Health and Wellness

1.7. Physical Health: Promoting physical health through exercise, diet, and rest.
1.8. Mental Health: Supporting mental health through mindfulness and professional assistance.

Personal Growth and Development:

1.9. Continuous Learning: Encouraging ongoing learning and self-improvement.
1.10. Adapting to Change: Embracing and adapting to life changes.

Life Transitions

1.11. Navigating Changes: Managing significant life changes and transitions.
1.12. Embracing New Beginnings: Turning transitions into growth opportunities.

Mindfulness and Presence

1.13. Living in the Moment: Techniques to stay present and mindful.
1.14. Gratitude Practices: Incorporating gratitude into daily routines.

Relationship with Self

1.15. Self-Understanding: Deepening self-awareness and understanding.
1.16. Self-Compassion: Promoting self-kindness and compassion.

Social Connections

1.17. Building Relationships: Developing and maintaining meaningful connections.
1.18. Community Involvement: Encouraging active participation in community

Financial Well-being

1.19. Financial Management: Basic principles of personal financial management.
1.20. Aligning Finances with Values: Making financial decisions that reflect personal values.

Services I offer

Contact me for more Information.

1-to-1 Personalised Coaching

£75 per hour.

In-Person and Online - Customised sessions focusing on individual needs and goals.
Utilises a blend of NLP, holistic coaching techniques, and alternative practices.

'Identity Bootcamp' Program

Available in 3, 6, or 9-month packages.
Intensive - Comprehensive personal growth and self-discovery focus, to uncover and embrace authentic self-identity.
Personalised and Tailored to your specific needs.

'Who Am I?' Program

A 4-week intensive journey.
Concentrated on rapid self-awareness and life alignment.
Ideal for those seeking quick, profound insights into their true selves.

These programs are designed to deeply explore personal growth, focusing on discovering and living authentically, ensuring transformative experiences customised to each client's unique journey.